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Footpath Between Dark Lane and Whirley Lane

6th May 2021 @ 7:07am – by Henbury Webteam
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whirley la gate lock

We understand there has been some confusion about the permissive footpath between Whirley Lane and Dark Lane, after the installation of a new gateway at the Whirley end. A chain has been added to this, with a padlock attached, which at first sight makes it appear that the gate is locked. However, if you look more closely, the padlock isn't used and a clip holds the chain together. This clip is easily opened to allow the chain to be undone and the gate opened and closed again. See picture.

Henbury Parish Council are in discussion with the landowner, Mr Fletcher, about the arrangement. There is also a concern about the Dark Lane end where two lengths of elasticated electric fence form a removable barrier to allow access, which can make things a little tricky. One of these has temporarily been moved out of the way to make life easier, pending agreement with Mr Fletcher, so for the meantime there is only one to undo.

We hope that this clarifies the situation and that Henbury residents can continue to enjoy this very pleasant path, for which we are very grateful to Mr Fletcher and Henbury Parish Council.

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