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#Corona Virus and the Millennium Green

When the Government announced Lockdown in late March children's play areas had to be closed so we were forced to close the whole Green because we couldn't quickly and securely isolate the play area from the rest of the Green.

Now, as lockdown is being slowly relaxed, children's play areas must still be securely closed but the MG Trust is keen to get the rest of Green open to allow families to enjoy some fresh air and relaxation there whilst still adhering to regulations on social distancing and numbers allowed to gather together.

To do this it is necessary to securely isolate the play area and we believe this could be done using the type of temporary steel fencing used around building sites such as seen in this photo. This can be hired,at considerable weekly cost, but it could be be required for many weeks and the MG Trust just doesn't have the resources to support such expense.

So if you know anyone who might be able to lend 13-14 of these 3.5 metre temporary fence panels to the Millennium Green till lockdown ends do please let us know at editor@henbury.org . The sooner we can get them the sooner we can open the gate!

Looking forward to hearing from you and many thanks.

Henbury Millennium Green Trust

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