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From the Vicarage February 2019

As we enter into the month of February, you may find that you have already broken your New Year's resolution (if you actually made one). Rather than getting yourself down, over a perceived lack of will power, perhaps you need to go easy on yourself. In Matthew 19: 18 we are told 'love your neighbour as yourself.' This verse speaks, not of arrogance, but of showing respect, not just to others, but to yourself.

As the season of Lent approaches in March and we prepare to give something up (Norma normally chocolate, myself normally alcohol), perhaps we all need to take stock and have a good look at ourselves. Think about the positives — what you have achieved in life, what skills you have acquired and used in service to others and to God, people who you have influenced for the good as you have gone through life etc. We all have good points, and yet we can often be negative about ourselves.

So, before you start thinking about how you need to change, you may need a new perspective, to appreciate and be kind to yourself. We are all unique before God and wonderfully made by him. Therefore, when things in life go wrong, pause, reflect, learn and move on. It is only when we see ourselves differently that we will be able to see others differently, and love both ourselves and others.

Psalm 139: 14 'I praise you Lord, for I am wonderfully made'

God bless,
Tim and Norma

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