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From the Vicarage, May 2019

The season of Easter is now upon us as we head on towards the Ascension and
then Pentecost. I don't know about you, but God always speaks to me in
different ways each Easter.

This year Maundy Thursday, and the washing of the disciple's feet by Jesus, sticks powerfully in my mind; this was the act of a
humble servant and it was intended to make the disciples understand that they
too should serve, as Jesus did, like humble servants. They should never get
carried away with their own self-importance, but consider others their equal
and meekly serve.

Of course, this lesson wasn't simply intended for Jesus' disciples, it was
intended for us all today. In the wake of the Annual Parochial Church Meetings,
I would like to thank everyone in both St. Thomas' and St. John's who has done
just that, often for many years, and perhaps especially those who now step down
with Jesus' blessing 'Well done loyal and trusty servant.'

And to those who continue to serve, in whatever capacity, the events of Maundy
Thursday are a timely reminder to us all about the nature of our service. In
Mark 9 the disciples discuss who is the greatest among them and Jesus gives
this appropriate advice for us all, verse 35 'If anyone wants to be first, he
must be the very last, and servant of all.'

God bless you in your service, whatever that may be.

Tim and Norma

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