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From the Vicarage, December 2018

As we enter the Advent and Christmas season, with its numerous services and events, it is all too easy to get pulled along by the pace at which these celebrations hit us! It is therefore important that we try to slow things down and take time out to fix our thoughts on the question 'what exactly are we celebrating?'

In many households up and down the land the answer to that question will not be 'the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.' Many people in this land have totally, or almost totally, lost sight of the significance of Christmas. For them it has become simply a secular season of taking time out from work for eating and drinking, of buying presents they sometimes cannot afford and spending time with family and friends. These are all important, but Christmas is surely more than just this!

I therefore appeal to you that, rather than busy yourselves with as many activities as possible, instead, be more discerning in what you will and will not attend. Pick out a few services/ events that have always lifted your spirits in the past and decide that these will give you the quality time you need to really engage with the 'real' meaning of Christmas.

As normal, I have produced a note with all the services and events that will take place in our church in the run up to Christmas Please have a look and plan thoughtfully which services and events you would like to attend, those which will help you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Both Norma and I wish you a peaceful, joyful and thought inspired Christmas this year.
God bless, Tim and Norma X

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St- Thomas Diary December 2018
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