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Chairmans Report 2022 – 2023

Henbury Parish Council now consists of seven councilors

Supported by a clerk who is also the responsible financial officer

Ward Councilor Lesley Smetham also attends our meetings, providing years of experience and access to Cheshire East Council services through the online management system. Direct contact with officers is no longer possible.

We are now working with seven councilors after the revised requirement. The required number of meetings were all held in the Church Hall and open to the public

Transparency Regulations have also made it even more important that we work to specific requirements
The administration and day to day working is very efficient. It is now fully digital across all areas including On-line Banking.

The audit and all necessary returns have been competed with confirmation received.

The meetings and agenda follow a standard format
All councilors confirm any conflicts of interest at each meeting
The statutory returns have also been completed.

The Chairman's report is a requirement from a time when there were no computers or internet. All relevant or pertinent information is now easily accessed shortly after each meeting so I don't propose to go into great detail about all the areas we are dealing with.

Henbury Parish Council for many years has been fortunate to have a cross section of very talented and committed councilors who have given countless work to the standard of professional consultants saving thousands in fees and bringing the local knowledge that otherwise would not be available, making the objections to developments that are opportunistic and not supporting adequate lifestyle services and infrastructure

It is now more difficult to explain to residents why serious issues and removal of services are now the norm. The Cheshire East Council financial situation means that large reductions will now follow for many years

I would like to thank your Parish Clerk RFO, Parish Councilors and Ward Councilor for their time and desire to deliver professional standards and commitment to the residents of Henbury.

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