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21st August 2022 @ 2:02pm – by Henbury Parish Council
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Last minute notice of 22 weeks of road works

Henbury Parish Council have only just been informed that works to install traffic lights at Broken Cross, replacing the existing roundabout will commence imminently.

CEC had seemingly originally described the works as "maintenance" under a permit at Nether Alderley some 4.2 miles away from the actual site. At that time no legal notice had been published, nor had residents or businesses been informed so as to prepare for the inevitable delays these works will cause.
However, according to the Macclesfield Express, the council has confirmed that a street works permit has now been issued, and residents and businesses are currently being informed.

The proposed plans date from 2017 and were found to be flawed then, yet seemingly no amendments have been made to address issues officers identified at that time. Few people, If any, actually think traffic lights will improve traffic flow. HPC have been advised the plans will be "as built", in other words "just build it".

28 detailed concerns were raised with Cheshire East Highways, but these have been largely ignored or dismissed. Details (and the original road plan) can be found here.

In the view of HPC it does appear that CEC is unaccountable to anyone, and despite assurances of reform from Leader Sam Corcoran, it has yet to be seen. Henbury Parish Council are calling on CEC to stop these works so a thorough review by strategic planning can be held.

HPC continue to press the contractors responsible for the works, for further information. Attached to this article you can see the letter that the contractors have issued, and the detailed phased plans for the works.

On another matter, Henbury Parish Council would also like to re-assure residents located close to the Bellway site that alleged breaches of planning conditions such as below have been reported to Cheshire East Enforcement. However, it's felt that perhaps the concerns are being seen as vexatious, and that Cheshire East are showing scant regard for residents, as enforcement has been slow and limited.

  • The site being unfenced and next to a primary school (finally resolved by residents).
  • No evidence of an archaeologist on site to monitor peat extraction (Henbury Parish Council have requested times and dates)
  • No use of a wheel wash, resulting in dangerous conditions on A537.
  • Mud on A537.
  • Work commencing prior to prescribed times and on Sundays.
  • Poor dust control.
  • Removal of hedging.
  • Building site waste running into Bag Brook stream.
  • Noise generation.
  • Signage erected without permission.
  • Works on part of the site, that permission has not been granted.

Henbury Parish Council continue to work hard to represent the interests of residents and get answers from CEC.

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