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Community Fibre

Community Fibre Partnership Update From Openreach

Following on from our April bulletin, Openreach have confirmed full government funding for the vastly improved broadband infrastructure in Henbury. The Parish Council have also signed the contract. Thanks again to all residents who committed to the voucher scheme which allowed us to achieve this.

We've now received an update from Openreach

"We understand you'll want to keep in touch with your community in connection with your fibre broadband project ..........We've now put requests out for our contractors to commence survey activity. At the survey stage, we take the blueprints from the design to your community, and check that what looks good on paper works in the real world.

Our surveyor needs to check that there's enough space alongside all the existing utilities underground for our new cables, and whether there's enough space to accommodate the equipment. They'll also need to determine things like whether any road closures are needed to install fibre and, if so, apply to the local authority for road traffic management, traffic lights etc. They'll work closely with your local authority as need be, to make sure fibre is installed safely and with the minimum of disruption to local people.

Just so you know, when our engineers conduct the survey they won't need to contact you about doing it.

We'll get back in touch within the next couple of months with more information and updates about your community's fibre build."

Watch this space.

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