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Boundary Changes

10th May 2022 – by Henbury Webteam
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Cheshire East Council announced in 2018 that a review of the current parish boundaries would take place. This is a process that is undertaken to take account of demographics where some areas are under-represented or boundaries require changing as new developments or other issues require boundaries to be redrawn.

Henbury was subject to a review. The initial proposal noted that with recent developments in Andertons Lane, School Lane and Rough Heys Farm, the village had expanded so much that it was thought that an additional councillor would be required, and that some properties could be moved into the neighbouring borough of Macclesfield to rebalance the size of Henbury after considerable growth.

Henbury Parish Council were informed that the proposals would see the new parish boundary starting at the junction of Church Lane and Chelford Road. All properties to the east of this line would therefore be moved into Macclesfield. The parish council consulted with all those that would be affected by the new boundary proposal, to ensure that they were able to make an informed decision if they wished to remain in Henbury, or accept the proposed move to Macclesfield.

The parish council received several responses indicating an overwhelming wish to remain part of Henbury, noting historical and community links. Henbury Parish Council therefore submitted an objection to the boundary proposal, which was accepted in the final recommendations that have now been adopted by Cheshire East.

It is thought that the new development opposite the Cock Inn would be better served by being in Macclesfield rather than Henbury, and so rather than a potential split over the site the whole development will be in Macclesfield rather than Henbury.

The link to the full final report and relevant map (Map 2.16) is shown below.

Full Report

For clarification, note that in Map 2.16, the shaded area will become part of Macclesfield.

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