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Village of Henbury in Cheshire
Village of Henbury in Cheshire

We're So Sorry to Disappoint Everyone.

Sadly the Government Covid-19 Regulations mean it's IMPOSSIBLE for the usual 600 or more people to gather on Henbury Millennium Green this November to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, warm up by the bonfire , go OOOH and AAAH at the fireworks and enjoy a mulled wine.

The Bonfire & Fireworks are CANCELLED !

And this is a serious blow to the Charitable Trust that owns and runs the Green because the majority of the income it needs to maintain and improve the Green every year comes from this event.

We know that lots of Henbury residents and families from nearby love so much to visit the Green to picnic, play, run around and explore in the safe surroundings and we'll continue as best we can to keep it open and in good order for your enjoyment. But the loss of the income from the annual bonfire will seriously affect our ability to pay for all the running costs such as insurance and grass and hedge cutting etc.

We have therefore come up with two innovative schemes to enable all who love and enjoy the Green, to help us generate some much needed income. We'll give you details shortly."

In the meantime, enjoy socially distanced exercise on the Green , stay well & keep safe.

Best wishes from the Trustees of Henbury Millennium Green

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