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What's Happened at the Picnic Bench ??

19th November 2023 @ 11:11am – by Henbury Millennium Green Trust
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Natural Hazel Hedge Replaces Rotten Logs

A couple of weeks ago we asked if anyone could help us to remove the rotten logs around the picnic bench and replace them with a natural hedge.

And on Saturday morning, November 18th, we were delighted to welcome a team of local residents , including girls and boys, who worked so hard to remove the logs to the wooded area where they can provide a home for all manner of creepy crawlies as they rot away to compost in the soil.

Next we all collected hazel branches freshly cut from our wood alongside Chelford Road . The thick branches were cut down to make posts that were hammered into the ground around the picnic bench.

Then the thinner ones were woven between the posts to make this lovely natural fence that separates the picnic area from the rest of the Green. And by lunchtime the job was all done and dusted .
As soon as we can, we'll add some fresh wood chip to make it a nice spot for a picnic when spring and summer return to Henbury.

A very special thanks to you all who took some time to help us maintain the Green for the benefit of all families who enjoy this natural haven in the village.

Your Millennium Green Trustees

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