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Song for the

Lots of Henbury residents enjoyed the music interludes on the Thursday evening 'Clap for NHS, Carers and Keyworkers' events.

Now, Henbury resident Andy Crosland, has sent us information about a new piece that he and members of the Camping and Caravanning Club Brass Band have recorded, to produce a very clever video.

Andy told us

"After several of our members took part in the Thursday evening events, we came across this new piece written by John Barber of Foden's Band, with all proceeds from the sale of the sheet music online going to NHS Charities. It had to be done ...

Our band has now recorded "Song for the Frontline", and I spent a whole day putting the finishing touches to the video, which is now live on YouTube.

The piece is put together from individual recordings that each band member makes using a mobile phone, etc., to record just their own part. Then we bring all the recordings together and we mix them on the computer to create the overall balance. That gives us the audio track. Then we set about creating the video images to go with it, and finally bring the audio and the video together as one. It take hours and hours in front of the computer to create a video like this, and I had some great help from one of the band members Kim Speller. We had countless Zoom Meetings and mixing desk sessions to eventually arrive at the finished video and sound track."

You can play the video here. Thanks for sharing Andy — a lovely piece!

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