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Property Prices in Henbury

23rd June 2020 @ 2:02pm – by Henbury Webteam
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#No this isn't Henbury Online competing with Rightmove it's another look at that lovely book Henbury – The Histoty of a Village!

Amongst the archive used in writing the book we found this estate agent's advertisement about the sale of Sycamore Farm and what is now known as Fanshawe Brook Cottage in Fanshawe Lane in 1977. (Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them so you can read them). They lie just within the Henbury Parish boundary at it's south west corner not far from Redesmere.. (See the attached map)

As you can see they were pretty basic homes with thatched roofs and a couple of acres of land typical of that rural part of Henbury parish even in 1977 and it seems as though they sold for £24,500 and £99,000 respectively. At the same time the settlement of modern homes north of Chelford Road that we think of today as Henbury was already into its second decade, its residents experiencing a very different lifestyle to those who were moving out of Sycamore Farm.

Why not take a short walk from the car park facing Redesmere along that short section of Fanshawe Lane where the Brook runs alongside the road and you'll see both properties are much larger now but they do still have thatched roofs. (Don't drive because it's a cul-de sac with no turning points)

We don't think £24,500 would buy Sycamore Farm today!

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