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Fence To Culvert Repair on A357

13th August 2022 @ 6:06am – by Henbury Webteam
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You may remember that on the 28th January 2021 we let you know that temporary traffic lights were to be installed on Chelford Road near Pale Farm. And you'll no doubt remember that those lights delayed journeys on the A 537 for many months till finally work began to make good the collapsed culvert and unstable embankment that jeopardised the safety of this busy road.

A few months ago, as our photos show, the work was completed, a new fence installed, a new hedge planted and the traffic lights removed.

Job done we all thought!!

However, soon after the work was completed a car crashed through the new hedge line and part of the new fencing prompting Henbury Parish Council, supported by our Cheshire East Ward Councillor, to express concerns to Cheshire East Highways about the safety the new fence offers and an apparent dip in the carriageway at the point of the culvert repair.

They have received the following response from the Cheshire East Highways Bridge Manager:

The scheme was finished with timber fence and newly planted hedge. Naturally, this hedge must mature. Just after the scheme was finished, there was an RTC whereby the car went through the new hedge line and some of the timber fence. Surprisingly on a straight section of road. We have an additional scheme due to install VRS (Vehicle Restraint System) along the front of the fence line. This should be in place over the next couple of months.
The dip in the carriageway was fully excavated, investigated, and repaired. There is still a slight dip in the carriageway which the highways team are aware of and this will form part of their advanced asset management plans.
Ian McLauchlan
Bridge Manager | Cheshire East Highways

If you have any concerns about the abovementioned slight dip in the carriageway please let us know at editor@henbury.org and we'll refer it to the Parish Council.

If we can, we'll let you know when the VRS is due to be installed.

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