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Broadband Update Oct 2020

8th October 2020 – by Henbury Webteam
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Superfast is coming!

We've received a further update from Openreach on the progress of the work to install Superfast Fibre Broadband in Henbury, and build work has commenced.

  • The FTTP structures (PONs passive optical nodes) have been built on our systems – this is a large extended build and there are 8 PONs covering the full build
  • A mobile planner has been out to site and surveyed the area and put together a plan to serve the contracted customers
  • This plan has been broken down into individual work-stream (underground civils, cabling etc.)
  • Job packs and the associated commercials have been raised and allocated to the build contractors
  • The work on the Spine (the network backbone to the exchange) has started
  • The work on most of the PONs has also started. Where we are utilising existing underground ducts, the aim is to prove these routes are clear. This work has started – we can expect to encounter blockages or say mud and silt but the contractor highlights these to us and we try and approve a workaround solution as soon as possible to keep their work fluid.

The contracted date was 14/05/2020 so the government vouchers are valid until 14/05/2021 and we are given 10 months to complete the build i.e. 14/03/2021 to allow the customer's 2 months to place their order and obtain FTTP from their chosen Communications Provider (CP).

If there is any opportunity to complete early we will of course do that

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