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Big Fruit Tree Planting Day

18th February 2022 @ 2:02pm – by Henbury Millennium Green Trust
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Henbury Children Planting Trees For Their Future

On a cold, wet Sunday afternoon ten brave Henbury children and their mums and dads came to the Green to plant eleven new apple, pear, plum and gage trees. It was pretty wet and muddy but everyone worked very hard to get the trees firmly planted and tied to the wooden stakes to keep them safe and upright.

And when all the work was done there was hot chocolate and fruit juice for all before heading home for tea .

Now everyone's looking forward to coming back regularly to check that their favourite tree is growing well and waiting for the day when they can pick a lovely apple pear or plum to enjoy.

The trees were purchased with grants from the Cheshire Crime Commissioner Orchard Scheme and Henbury Parish Council and they are welcome addition to the biodiversity of the Green.

A big thank you from the Millennium Green Trustees to all mums, dads and children for helping to make the Green a better and more interesting place to be.

Keep visiting it, keep enjoying it, keep having fun there! And look after it, it's there for us all.

The Millennium Green Trustees

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