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Cheshire East Council Highways own and are responsible for the trees growing in the grass verges along the western part of High Tree Drive. These trees vary in age from at least 60 years to very recently planted and Henbury Parish Council together with a CEC Highways Officer recently reviewed the condition of the trees. They concluded that some of the older trees would benefit from some attention, in particular crown lifting and reduction, to improve road safety and reduce the impact of trees on neighbouring properties. Unfortunately CEC are unable to fund such works currently as risk levels aren't sufficiently high, but the Parish Council, at its meeting on September 9th 2020, agreed to support maintenance work on these trees over a three year period subject to notifying residents of High Tree Drive, posting on the website and consulting with the Henbury Society.

Very tall tree on High Tree Dr
Mature tree overhanging  High Tree Dr
Mature tree overhanging High Tree Drive
Older tree in need of help on High Tree Dr

All work will be covered by fully insured contractors and will be authorized by Cheshire Highways who will make any road closures, if required, before work commences.
The Parish Council warmly welcomes contributions and comments from all Henbury residents on this matter; please speak to any of the Parish Councillors, contact the Parish Clerk at henbury.clerk@gmail.com or send a message to editor@henbury.org.


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