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Flood Risk Report

28th January 2020 – by Henbury Webteam
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Henbury Parish Council continue their ongoing efforts to challenge Planning Applications for hundreds of houses either side of Chelford Road

In order to ensure that the developers are addressing key risks associated with the developments, HPC have commissioned a Flood Risk Report from independent consultants. The full report is attached to this article.

Outline planning permission was granted for the following sites as illustrated in our picture, with reserved matters applications for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of development now submitted for each site and currently awaiting determination:

  • Outline 17/4277/M; 135 residential dwellings, approved 22 January 2019 Reserved Matters 19/3097/M, June 2019 – 134 residential dwellings Reserved Matters 19/3098/M, July 2019 – 23 residential dwellings
  • Outline 18/0294/M; 31 residential dwellings, approved 27 February 2019 Reserved Matters 19/3816/M, August 2019. Discharge of Condition 13 19/5799/D, 17 December 2019
  • Outline 17/4034/M; 232 residential dwellings, approved 27 February 2019 Reserved Matters 19/5582M, December 2019

Significant concerns have been raised by Henbury Parish Council with respect to the impact of these developments on surface water drainage and flood risk within the locality, particularly when accounting for the cumulative effect of the proposals.

The report was prepared in order to provide an assessment of the above, and has been submitted to Cheshire East to support the HPC objection to all the relevant applications.

The report has concluded that the developers should be required to provide much more detailed evidence to Cheshire East regarding the impact that the developments will have. Areas to be addressed include:

  • areas of surface water flood risk
  • capacity of surrounding watercourses
  • potential culvert blockages
  • proposed discharge rates
  • method for attenuation of surface water run-off
  • evidence that the proposed drainage strategy is the only viable approach, and that "event exceedance" has been properly addressed
  • an assessment of the impact of the removal of peat on hydrogeology to be undertaken

HPC's latest objection to Planning Application19/5582M, is also attached, along with a strong letter of support submitted as an objection from David Rutley MP.

The Planning Applications are currently scheduled to be considered by Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board in February, following postponement of the original date.

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