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Walk 5 – Upton Hall, Prestbury Golf Club

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Upton Hall, Prestbury Golf Club and Sandy Lane – Starting from St Thomas' Church G.R. 881 736

Go north up Henbury Rise (don't turn into High Trees Drive) and just before end take a ginnel on right which passes behind gardens, through a kissing-gate and in 100m to another gate on right in frontof houses. Follow this path across the common and up to Whirley Road. Turn right. Then in 300m turn left into Newquay Drive. Cross road and in 80m drop down steps on right to path behind gardens then school playing fields. At end of railings go slightly left and follow beech hedge then tarmac path to road. Go slightly right across road into Truro Close and on along tarmac path to Birtles Road.

Go right for l00m then left along Priory Lane for 350m where , just opposite the end of the Leisure Centre, you will find Becks Lane.

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Upton is an ancient township referred to in Court Rolls of 1285. The 1904 OS map shows three large houses, (Grange, Priory and Hall) and little else. Becks Lane was the access to Upton Priory, now demolished, which was a large house owned by the Beck family in the 19th century. In the 17th century it was a farm owned by the Wright family, a number of whom were mayors of Macclesfield. Only gate posts and a fallen mounting block now remain.

When this stony lane passes a playing field on the left, go straight on along tarmac path which winds through the estate and eventually out to the main Prestbury Road opposite Upton Hall.

A Saxon Cross on Prestbury Road possibly marks the ancient boundary of Macclesfield. Look for an iron pole on the right as you approach the Priory Lane crossroads. Quite close, behind the hedge, is the stump of the cross.

Turn left and just beyond Upton Grange cross road to stile into fields. Go just to left of pylon then to left of line of trees and down to facing stile. Over this turn right. When hedge on right turns off even more right, go straight on up field to tree and stile to left of gateway (or through gateway if tired of stiles).Turn left and keep fence on left for 400m when you drop down to Macclesfield Road. Go right for 40 m then left up the drive to Prestbury Golf Club. Ignore first path on right but go on to top of hill and turn right down path on far side of last house (opposite imposing iron gates) and so to course in 50m. Turn right and with wood on right descend to bunker and curl left through copse, pass below tee, and on through another copse ahead. Go straight on past next tee (don't fork off right) and steeply down to pick up hedge on left and line of trees on right.

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Follow the clear path for 250m to kissinggate out to Chelford Road. Turn left and up road for 450m. Pass the white stones outside Thieves Hollow and in 80m, as you round left-hand bend, take broad path on left. Follow this tree-lined avenue down for 300m and cross footbridge and on up to stile out of wood. Go right for 200m with wood on right and, 50m before fence ahead, turn off left up to stile in top right corner of field. On for 50m to another stile on right under tree.

Cross this and proceed with fence on right for 250m on to stile under second stile on right. Take this and go left to pass between farm and houses to a squeezer stile on left just before the main road. Go right along the pavement for 50m then cross the road to the grass and go on with fence on left for 400m where you turn left down Sandy Lane as the main road bends off right. At the end of Sandy Lane either go right for 200m to Andertons Lane or turn left for 200m and go right over wall immediately beyond renovated flats and houses. Follow the fence up for l00m, go straight past gateway and in 50m take the stile in the hedge on your right. Go left and follow fence down to a stile at bottom of field. Go left along access drive towards houses, then right and left below them. Turn right in front of the kissing-gate and so back to Henbury Rise and the church.

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Nether Alderley Water Mill
This 16th century corn mill was still grinding corn up to 1939, and was restored by the National Trust from the 1950s. An earlier mill was recorded in 1290. It consists of two overshot wheels. The timbers bear the marks of the Elizabethan carpenters. Behind the mill stands what remains of Nether Alderley Hall, the seat of the Stanleys until it was largely destroyed by fire in 1799.

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