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From the Vicarage June 2018

Trinity, which this year we celebrated on 27th. May, marks the start of a long period in the Church year where there are no major festivals; the next one is Christ the King on 25th. November. This can be a quiet time, with less activity in the Church. Yet, it can also be a time to slow down a little and start planning ahead.

What exactly do we want to happen in the Church in the future to make it a better place of worship, where people can feel close to God and part of God's family? Although we may value our traditions, we know that the Church in general is struggling to survive by simply holding on to tradition. What then do we need to change to make St. Thomas' a vibrant place of worship again, as we know it once was, in what seems like an all too distant past? This can be difficult. We might have to accept that some of the traditions we value are not appreciated by others. Do we therefore let go of these traditions and move on, or do we hold onto them until the bitter end?

The PCC has a special role in planning ahead for the future, but all church members are entitled to their opinions as to the way forward. Norma and I are keen to hear your views; after all most of you have lived in this community for many years (we are new-comers) and have a good idea of what might, or might not work.

In all our theological studies, Norma and I have been repeatedly reminded that a Church that stands still, even a successful one, is ultimately going to decline, and that successful churches are constantly changing and evolving.

The Bible reminds us 'Where there is no vision the people perish' (Proverbs).

Norma and I hope that you have a relaxing start to your summer break as you draw close to God and receive his peace.
God bless,
Tim and Norma

Henbury, Cheshire
St- Thomas Diary June 2018
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