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Henbury Millennium Green Trust

A Report of the Annual General Meeting of HMGT held in Henbury Church Hall
on 17th May 2017.

Trustees Present:, Sir Francis Graham-Smith, Chairman. Dr S Browne, Mr J R Cousin, Secretary,
Mrs S E Pegg, Dr D J Walker

Apologies for Absence

: Mr C J Dafforn, Mr D E Plews, Treasurer,

Attendance at the Meeting:

The meeting was preceded by the AGM of the Henbury Society and was attended by approximately 35 Henbury residents.

Chairman's Introduction

Sir Francis Graham — Smith welcomed residents to the AGM and reminded them about the legal constitution of the Trust under the Deeds and Covenants laid down by the Countryside Agency and the Charities Commission. Trustees are required to hold an Annual Meeting for the purpose of informing residents about their activities and seeking opinions about the Green. He invited residents to feel free to ask questions and make their comments as well as encouraging them to help Trustees with maintenance activities. But above all he stressed that the Green is there for all of us and the Trust welcomes everyone to use it and enjoy it.

Treasurer's Report

Dr D J Walker, on behalf of Mr D E Plews, gave the report using a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate the Trust's financial situation. He explained why the Trust funds are designated as Unrestricted, Endowment and Play Area. Unrestricted Fund receipts were at a record high due to a very successful bonfire event and generous support from Henbury Parish Council and the Events Committee. However, maintenance costs were also substantially higher than in previous years due to installation of a stone hard standing at the gate, refurbishment of the picnic area and refreshment of the wood chip in the play area and willow structure. Nevertheless receipts exceeded payments by a healthy margin.
The Endowment fund benefited from gift aided contributions from individuals but, due to low interest rates, does not furnish the degree of interest income envisaged when it was established.
The Play Area fund, established with money from the installation project, benefited from a Events Committee grant.
He thanked the Parish Council , Henbury Events Committee and individual donors whose donations enable the Trust to maintain and improve the Green for the benefit of the community.
There were no questions.

Activity Report.

Please look at the attached file AGM PresentationFinal17-1.pptx which Mrs S E Pegg used to illustrate her report on development of the Green since the last AGM. It follows the themes, " What's New on the Green"? and " What's Been Removed from the Green?"

There being no further questions, Sir Francis Graham — Smith thanked everyone for their attendance and wished them much enjoyment of the Green in the coming year.


J R Cousin, Secretary, 19 May 2017

Henbury Village in Cheshire
AGM Presentation 2017Final-1
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