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Henbury Parish Council published an Environmental Survey Report in 2009, which gave an overview of the Parish's landscape with particular regard to its natural habitat value. This then triggered a project to implement the recommendations provided, led by the Parish Council, with the assistance of the relevant landowners and enabled by an active set of volunteers within the local community.

The project is co-ordinated by our Tree Warden, Dr Simon Browne, and is focused on hedgerow and tree planting across the Parish.

Regular update reports are provided the latest of which, published in November 2016, can be found below.

Key facts

  • Henbury Parish has four sites of biological importance : Cock Wood, Big Wood, Highlees Wood, Redesmere
  • Cheshire is nationally important for farm ponds, containing around 10 per cent of all those existing in England and Wales. Henbury Parish has more than 80 (0.05% of the total of England and Wales!)

Latest Reports

Village of Henbury in Cheshire
Henbury Environmental Survey
PDF file
Henbury, Cheshire
Environmental Landscape Survey Supplement 2009
PDF file
Henbury Society
Environmental Landscape Survey Supplement 2011
PDF file
Henbury Village in Cheshire
Environmental Landscape Survey Supplement 2013
PDF file
Henbury, Cheshire
Environmental Landscape Survey Supplement 2016
PDF file